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Shooting Range Simulator Guidance Packages



Offer a local service in your already existing business! Want to start a business?

Or create a service that will attract a whole new customer base to bring in more profit?

Our Shooting Range Simulator Guidance Packages will be the perfect start or addition to your business.

We have multiple price points that will fit any business or start-ups budget.

It does not matter if you are an FFL Gun Store, Ammo/Accessory Store, Brick and Mortar, Online Only,

Certified Instructor, Obsessed Enthusiast or don’t have a leg in the industry at all.

You can open your own Shooting Range - Simulator!

CO2 Blowback Airgun replicas have come a long way in the past 5-6 years.

Also, the IR laser devices and projection calibration systems have become easier to use, even for a novice computer user.

Software graphics and elaborate Firing Stages, Games, Shoot/Don't Shoot Scenarios and Drills keep customers engaged. This depends on the level of depth to the package you choose.

Tested parameters provided to you will help you market your new Shooting Range Simulator and will introduce the ability for your customers to hold a membership with your new shooting range to begin a subscription-based revenue stream and gain more repeat customers coming though your store to purchase other inventory you might have, all possible with a well-planned Shooting Range-Simulator Guidance Package.


We will guide you through the entire process offering 30 days support to give you the time needed to get your system installed,

understand the capabilities of having a Shooting Range-Simulator and show you the required information to get members signing up

and open a whole new customer base and revenue stream.


Your new Shooting Range Simulator will be a service based operation within your current

brick and mortar store or the center piece to your new business!

This allows you to invest once, and gain repeat revenue for a one time investment.


Benefits of a Shooting Range Simulator vs. a Real Firearms Shooting Range?

No permits, noise ordinance, ventilation, ear/eye protection.

Customers can draw from a holster safely, shoot and move, you can hold

beginner/novice seminars for safety. Attraction without a large investment.

Users feel safe.

You will be able to provide a great introduction to firearms, safety, target shooting,

situational awareness and the self-defense mindset through realistic replica

Airguns & a Projection/Laser Calibrated system so you can retain the customers

by holding events like Tournaments, Seminars, Discount Incentive Memberships

or offering use of the range to your current customer base.


Our Mission:

To have every American gun owner; involved in their training, comprehend their firearms & prepare for any use.


We are dedicated to helping America train with their firearms and getting more Americans involved in understanding the recreactioanl, utility

and practical use for firearms.

We believe helping fellow gun industry businesses acquire a Shooting Range-Simulator will maximize the capability of Our Mission.

Core Values:

Clients First! - Family & Team - Quality - Integrity - Safety - Innovation -

Responsiveness - Respect - Knowledge - Exertion - Preservation - Protecting & Defending


Back Story:


Our company was thrown for a loop with payment processing issues.

We were in a situation where our goals and achivements were withering away fast.

This left us with no way of paying our distributor bills and investor.

The timing of all this brought our 3 person team to an almost full stop compared to the previous flow of business.

The Processing bank removed our ability to process payments and kept a weeks worth of revenue on a hold balance

while we watched chargebacks come in with no control or access to our already earned revenue to be able to fix the situation.

It was as if they pointed to a scratch on the hand, cut off the whole arm, and kept the blood. (Analogy, not to get too dramatic.)

We could not understand how they were insistent that we repair the situations they pointed to while they actively kept our resource to be able to fix the situation. 

It was frustrating, and it seemed intentional.

Getting another payment processor was not easy while bank statements, reviews, and chargebacks all contributed to them not wanting to take on the assumed, on paper, "risk".

** I am telling you all this because:

We now have a processor that is working with us due to our unwillingness to quit while being called every name in the book and keeping our pivot foot where it needed to go.

My wife (Courtney) and I have been on an entrepreneurial path for almost 5 years now.

We landed in this Industry about 2 years ago due to my passion for firearms training and incorporation of Airguns as a continual training tool.

Our Shooting Range Simulator exists purely as a pivot to what needed to be done to survive in business.

We found that our Shooting Range Simulator concept and packages are desirable by a new customer base unknown to us until we implemented our plan.

To point back to Our Mission: To have every American gun owner; involved in their training, comprehend their firearms & prepare for any use.

I believe you can help us spread this mission to your town or city and be the voice that helps Americans train with their firearms and

involves more Americans in understanding the recreational, utility and practical use for firearms. 

We appreciate your interest, and can’t wait to start working with you on your new Shooting Range Simulator!